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FEMAI (2022)

A Film by Maggie Mingjun Zheng


6 min   |   United States   |  Sci-Fi 

Analía, a recent college graduate and aspiring assistant faces a sexual assault while she is working at the office alone. Can FEMAI help her to take a stand after the abuse?

FEMRI (2022)

27th LA Shorts International Film Festival
38th Rhode Island International Film Festival 

Directed by

Maggie Mingjun Zheng

Written by

Maggie Mingjun Zheng

Mark Bowen    ...    Police Officer B
Elisha Davis    ...    Dylan Miller
Kat Ingkarat    ...    Analía

Produced by 

Joe Juanyao Zheng    ...    producer

Maggie Mingjun Zheng    ...    producer

Ye Ma    ...    associate producer
Jack Jiangnan Xu    ...    associate producer


Music by 
Christa Duggan    


Cinematography by 
Brian Nguyen    


Editing by 
Yiran Bai    


Additional Crew 
Ariel Leigh Cohen    ...    intimacy coordinator

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