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LightSeeking Pictures

About Us

LightSeeking Pictures Inc is a Los Angeles and Shanghai based production company founded in 2019, with a primary focus on creating high-quality and innovative Asian content and Mandarin-language film projects with a global perspective.


Our mission is to seek out emerging film and television creators with international perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and strong technical skills, while also building film and television teams with essential creative abilities and competitive edge. We mainly produce content targeted at Asian region and the global youth audience of the younger generation.


Our budget range typically falls between 500K and 4 million US dollars. The company generally leans towards original scripts but also engages in producing content based on pre-existing works or animated series. Currently, LightSeeking Pictures Inc has completed nearly twenty short films and has received recognition at various short film festivals. Concurrently, we are in the process of developing two romantic comedy series and three feature films.

The Team

The People of LightSeeking Pictures

Joe J. Zheng


Film producer and director based in Los Angeles. He grew up alongside the Yangtze River in Hupei, China, and got his first master’s degree in film studies at Beijing Film Academy. He then came to the United States to study film production at USC, during which he directed, produced and edited many short narrative films including Drone, which was nominated for Student Oscar Award in 2015. After graduation, Joe produced and directed a series of documentaries for the prestigious Center for Visual Anthropology of USC on East Asia, and served as the director of development and production at Vantage Entertainment, a LA-based production and film financing company. In 2021, Joe founded Lightseeking Pictures Inc., an indie film production company focusing on producing content and projects from the Asian American perspective.

Vanessa Kong.jpg
Leqi "Vanessa" Kong

Creative Department

JIN GUAN 1-2.jpg
Jin Guan

Executive Producer

Yaxing Lin 林亚星.jpg
Yaxing Lin


Vincent 王京哲.JPG
Vincent Wang

Production Manager

Brian Nguyen

Photography Department

Derrick Hsu

Executive Producer

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